Massage Elite
Massage Elite franchisees are part of a team...
But keep there own name, independence, and ideas
Do You Share Our Beliefs?
Massage Elite Spas and therapists believe in fantastic customer service and top quality therapy.
Whether you are considering opening a day spa or massage practice, or already own one of any size, we can help make you successful when you become part of the Massage Elite team. All you need is a fanatical commitment to customer service and a dedication to helping others through quality massage therapy.
Franchise Opportunities

Massage Elite is different than any other day spa or massage franchise offered in the United States. Massage Elite franchises are linked by their dedication to, and ability to provide, high quality massage therapy - not by their conformity to a fixed appearance. They also share a common membership program, gift card program, database of clients, and web portal. Other than that Massage Elite is about what you want in the perfect massage practice or day spa. You can create your perfect Massage Elite offering nearly any service or products you wish. You can provide strictly medical massage therapy in a highly clinical environment or you can open a day spa providing a fun and pampering environment for your clients. You can even open a Massage Elite franchise as an independent therapist running your own business while we help you grow that business to meet your dreams and future goals.

Although we provide you with extensive help, you are making the choices of how to design, open, and run your Massage Elite franchise. We have very few restrictions lowering our expenses involved with monitoring and ensure compliance. This reduces our expenses and those savings are passed onto you in the form of lower franchise fees.

If you currently own or are considering opening a massage or day spa business (of any size) and are passionate about top quality massage therapy and customer care, you may want to join the Massage Elite team.  As a Massage Elite franchise you will be part of a growing and recognized group of elite facilities; and you will have the infrastructure, professional support, training, and business guidance to enable you to make a successful business out of what you love.

Our Concept…
Massage therapy is a rapidly growing business that has thrived despite tough economic times because more and more people are realizing the health and wellness benefits that it provides.  Unfortunately, the proliferation of low end massage clinic franchises, with their quantity over quality approach, has turned the healing practice of massage therapy (and now facials and spa services) into a system utilizing newly graduated therapists in a cookie cutter operation that does not serve the client, or even make the individual franchisee a respectable profit.  Many clients, who have had a taste of massage therapy from the mass clinics, have been seeking higher quality therapists and businesses but they did not know where to turn to find consistent, high quality massage and spa services – until now. 

Your Vision….
Massage Elite is about making your vision of the perfect massage facility or day spa a reality.  You can open a large day spa with the theme and treatments of your dreams, or a small practice where you treat clients suffering from back pain.  You can even be part of our team as an individual practitioner working from your home or providing out call services.  If you currently own a day spa or practice joining our team will only enhance your offerings, visibility, and support – it will not change who you are.

Learn More…
To learn more about becoming part of Massage Elite please click on the business model below that best describes you:

Opening a Massage or Day Spa Business – If you are considering opening a new business or are considering purchasing a massage franchise please visit our New Business page.

Already Own a Massage or Day Spa Business – If you already own a day spa or massage business and would like information on how Massage Elite might be able to help you grow please visit our Existing Business Page.

Individual Massage Therapist – Choose this option if you are an independent massage therapist with no therapists working for you and would like information on the benefits of being a Massage Elite approved therapist.

 This web site and the information contained herein does not constitute the offer or sale of a franchise. The offer and sale of a franchise can only be made through the delivery and receipt of a Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) and, in some states, the registration of the FDD prior to its delivery. This website should not be construed as an offer to sell any franchise anywhere.
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